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A Russia Fanfic - The Natives
A Russia Fanfic - The Natives
 During the world confrence meeting, you simply sat there bored, but curious about what aruguments were happening, along while chatting about little things with Ivan.
 When the subject of Finding the Americas came up between Alfred, Francis, Arthur, and Antonio your curiosity peaked along with getting slightly angry. You see, You are the personification of the Native American Tribes in the Americas. So needless to say, You were still holding a grudge against the four men.
 You crossed your arms and huffed lightly while listening to the arugument from different sides. Your friend Tamika, Who was the personifacation of Africa became mad aswell.
 "Well I found America first!" England cried out in fury to the French and Spanish men. "Honhonhon, But I found Canada first." The Frenchman shot back. "Si, but I founded Slave trade to the new world amigos." The Spainard smirked.
 At this, You and Tamika both shot out of your seats emmiting a
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GermanyXReader 'I Love you too much' Chapter 5
 ~Your POV~
You give him a small smile. "Thank you for the offer but I don't think you'll have to." You say and he gives you a funny look.  "And why is that?" He asks. You just smile fondly  "Ludwig should be in the building by now and you should be leaving so America won't get mad and throw one of his temper tantrums." You say and try to find a more comfortable position on the floor. He sighs.
"Alright but atleast let me clean up those nasty gashes on you love." He says and pulls out a small first-aid kit.  You nod to him and hold your head up enough to where he can clean the gash on the left side of your face. He puts rubbing alcohol on a cloth and you wince when he puts it to your face. He gives you a reassuring smile and continues to clean all of them with you wincing every so often.
~Germany POV~
I can't help but to think how idiotic America is to hire fools to gaurd this place. When the elevator finally stops I got out and look around. I see a window into a ro
:iconallyt14:Allyt14 3 3
AmericaXReader 2012
You smiled as you got the bag of popcorn out of the microwave and poured it all into a bowl. You walked into your living room to see your boyfriend of 3 years. Alfred F. Jones, Or as he calls himself, 'The Hero' putting in a DVD. "So Alfred, what movie are we watching tonight?" You asked him smiling.
 "2012! Haha babe, can you believe people actually believed that the world was gonna end today?!" He asked pulling you down next to him on the couch. You smiled. "Well nobody knows when the world will end so we can't judge people on what they believe." You told him. "True! Haha but let's watch this! And I'm gonna make it through the entire movie this time!" He said pressing play. You smirked.
 "We'll see Al." You said, knowing that withen the first few minutes he'd be in your lap, or he'd drag you into his. The main screen came up and he made it to the part where the meteors  started raining down before he pulled you into his lap, making you spill all the popcorn in the process. You frowne
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My backyard by Allyt14 My backyard :iconallyt14:Allyt14 1 0 My doggy by Allyt14 My doggy :iconallyt14:Allyt14 0 0 DeviantART ID by Allyt14 DeviantART ID :iconallyt14:Allyt14 3 0 My mom, Niece and nephews by Allyt14 My mom, Niece and nephews :iconallyt14:Allyt14 0 0 Art trade with iKitchiiu by Allyt14 Art trade with iKitchiiu :iconallyt14:Allyt14 3 2 A random drawing #1 by Allyt14 A random drawing #1 :iconallyt14:Allyt14 2 0
Mature content
DracoxHarry (Drarry) Drabble :iconallyt14:Allyt14 1 3
My drawing of Mark Crilley's video tutorial by Allyt14 My drawing of Mark Crilley's video tutorial :iconallyt14:Allyt14 2 0 Virginia Beach pic4 by Allyt14 Virginia Beach pic4 :iconallyt14:Allyt14 3 0 Virginia Beach pic3 by Allyt14 Virginia Beach pic3 :iconallyt14:Allyt14 0 0 Virginia Beach pic2 by Allyt14 Virginia Beach pic2 :iconallyt14:Allyt14 1 0 Virginia Beach pic1 by Allyt14 Virginia Beach pic1 :iconallyt14:Allyt14 1 0
GermanyxReader 'I love you to much' Ch 4
  You passed out a few minutes after Alfred gave you that beating and when you woke up to somone opening the door to your cell/room thing whatever it was you weren't sure. YOu looked up to see Arthur at the door. You sighed and looked down at the floor you were sitting on.
  "Love, are you alright?" You heard him ask. "Yea I think so..well minus all the whip marks im fine and dandy." You replied sarcasticly.
  Aruthur chuckled lightly. "Your different love, Most people would have given in and screamed when you were whipped. I admire you for that poppet." He said smiling and sat a tray of food infront of you.
~*Germany POV*~
  I stood my full height as I walked out of the door carrieing my weapons that I would need to take out that fat american Alfred.
  'I hope [Name] is okay.' I thought as I started to run towards the Allies's hideout.
~*Timeskip*~ (Still in Germany POV)
  When I got to the Allies's hideout I saw gaurds every
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England x reader- Wolf in disguise

[18] Slipping across the rooftops amongst the shadowy lengths of the elite's impressive but impractical housing, no one upon the ground might guess your deadly intentions or the passion for your profession that pulled you on.

It was a lovely summer night that London was blessed with. It was pretty late, so the busy capital was unusualy quiet. Only a few dime lights from inside the houses were still awake. The starts were simmering in the sky, keeping you company as you were patiently waiting for your boss to arrive. He had to be very careful when walking out of his settler, given that the police were after him. You were honored to be working as an underboss for England’s most notorious gangster (clandestinely of course).  His name was still remaining a secret for the public though, thus many had desperately tried to disclose his identity.
Nobody has ever seen him. Nothing has ever been revealed. Some even claimed
:iconthe-fatal-sun:the-fatal-sun 14 12
The Girl I Fell For (Denmark x Reader)
WARNING: Grammar errors, suicidal thoughts, discussion of psychological disorders
To the Hetalians who are weird just like me. We are all a little weird and a little weird in our own special way, too. But don't worry, someday we'll find that one weirdo weird enough to be weird with us :3 
"Dudette, you made it" I watched Alfred open his arms to welcome a new arrival "And you suited up. Way to go!" 
   It was a girl. Her straightened hair was brushed over her shoulder with a gold cross pin keeping any stray locks from covering her eyes. She wore a pink leopard-print skater skirt that rested on her waist and a long-sleeved ash-grey cotton shirt fitted snuggly on her. Suited up indeed. 
   "Well, it is your birthday. Which reminds me" She lifted a small and rectangular gift to his face. White with cartoon stars, it was messily wrapped and the blue bow was obviously just taped on.
   "Aw, sweet! Can I open it now?" Alfred grabbed it from her
:iconburgersnscones72136:burgersnscones72136 25 5
The One with the Doubts (Denmark x Reader)
This was supposed to be part of an engagement-then-wedding story with lots drama and more shout outs to my favorite films and TV shows. But oh, well. ENJOY!
Mathias Kohler had everything in the world that many people would give up their souls for: A career that he loved, the looks of a swimsuit model, and his soulmate by his side. But then came the day that he dreaded the most, the day when he knew that his perfect world would be ruined.
   He had to ask his fiancée for a prenup.
   It wasn’t his idea; it was his mother’s, who had died in a car accident when he was still in college. She was a smart woman, but also pragmatic. It was her last wish that her only son—should he decide to get married in the future—must have his partner sign a prenup, the reason being that Mathias came from a long line of blue bloods and had much to inherit once his terminally ill father passes away.
   “I said this before Mathias, but why don
:iconburgersnscones72136:burgersnscones72136 13 5
FranceXReader - Royals
"Sir, pardon for the interruption, but her Majesty has requested a private audience with you."
Francis looked up from the documents he was signing and focused on the maid standing in front of his desk in surprise. His candle was nearly burnt out; if the maid hadn't arrived when she had, he would have been sat in the dark with a stack of papers and an entire bottle of ink, but no light to see what he was doing with them.
Still, the maid's presence was unexpected but by no means unwanted, although she did bring with her a request quite unusual. His quill, after looping ink blots in the corners of white parchment, was put back in its place to process the young girl's words.
"A private audience? Did she by any chance mention what purpose this gathering was for?"
Calling on his queen was something he often did; though war had not been declared for more than a decade, maintaining the kingdom’s militia was challenging, to say the least. Though he was more than capable of keeping the sol
:iconrussianrevolution:RussianRevolution 18 10
Devid17 by Silverwing100 Devid17 :iconsilverwing100:Silverwing100 5 0
Model!France x Artist!Reader A work of art
Taking art as a course was quite a hard job to do. Many equipment is needed you need preparations and art takes a full amount of time and days for your picture to end in perfection.
This week was a project that could probably take you while; you had to ask a friend or a family member to be a model in anyway and that you had to draw them in your favourite equipment that you use.
For you, you just wanted to use a normal 2B pencil, because the rest could take a lot more longer. Now you just need to ask someone to be your model.
Your parents were out and won't be back until dark. You brother and sister weren't really fond of art so they get pretty nervous when being drawn, so there was only one person who might be able to help you. At the same time there was a knock at the door.
"(Y/N), it iz moi, J'ai des roses pour tu." A French accent was heard against the door, you knew it was him.
'Just on time' You mentally said to yourself.
You went downstairs to open the door and found Francis with
:iconellz12:Ellz12 21 0
Mature content
Ira :iconschwarzer-carnifex:Schwarzer-Carnifex 2 4
Germany X Teen!Reader - Dog walks
You sit on the couch and let out a loud sigh. It’s been a week since you got into a fight with your close friend in school because of a misunderstanding, and the situation is still going nowhere. You tried everything to make things better, but your stubborn friend is just ignoring you, which makes you feel even more hopeless and torn apart. You turn on the TV and browse through the channels without finding anything interesting. Your mother is in your school for the parents-teacher meeting and your father is at work, so you’re alone in the house with your (dog/type) dog. You turn the TV off and let out another sigh. Since you have a day off and your other friends all go to different schools, you can’t hang out with them. Not knowing what else to do, you decide to make yourself useful and go out for a walk with your dog. You get up from the couch and call your dog. He doesn’t run to you like he usually does. You frown and repeat his name louder. He finally runs to
:iconnightriver16:NightRiver16 30 56
AmericaxReader Waffles, Bacon, and Early Meetings
As you walked into the bathroom, you gently hummed your favorite song. Pulling your hair back, you tied it into a messy bun and grabbed your toothbrush and the tooth paste. Brushing your teeth, you heard a car pulling into the driveway and a smile crept onto your face.
The world meeting today ran a lot later than anyone had anticipated and you knew that Alfred would be tired and cranky coming home. Glancing at your phone, you saw that the time was 12:20 and it was, indeed, very late, especially considering that Alfred had a meeting tomorrow with his boss and the president elect to discuss the transfer of power proceedings, how ceremonies were gonna go down, and all that good stuff. You know, boring stuff, but necessary nonetheless.
You heard the door open and close followed by a loud sigh. Walking into the living room, still in the process or brushing your teeth, you found Alfred leaning against the door, rubbing his eyes, no doubt from exhaustion.
You started to walk toward him and, h
:iconhexgrrl:hexgrrl 36 4
RISE (AmericaxCountry!Reader)
It only takes one catastrophe to set the ball rolling. Whether planned with malicious intent or an idiotic mistake, it’s something that can’t be ignored. The bombing came out of nowhere and left Britain in shambles, barely alive. Who was the perpetrator that nearly killed several innocent countries? It was a mystery, no one could pinpoint where the bombs came from but there was heavy suspicion that it came from one of the former Axis powers. That was all that was needed to start a war.
In the beginning, people called it the Third World War because countless countries were pulled in, fighting constantly until it evolved into fighting to stay alive. For (Country Name), a rather small and newer country than most, she was ravaged by the war. Crops were failing, towns were under constant alert, and a third of the population was already dead. She couldn’t afford to send out an army, just ask her citizens to protect their island while she did the actual fighting.
Fighting ne
:iconsilver-4:Silver-4 24 2
Reflections Of Night by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov Reflections Of Night by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 263 5
Singing [Spain x Reader]
Antonio singing whilst doing chores around the house was no surprise. Often he sang in Spanish, which you vaguely understand through the limited Spanish he taught you. However… today’s singing was a bit different.
“No somos extraños de amor. Sabes las reglas, y yo también~” he started whilst he swung a broom around the hallways, needing a little break from the tedious task of sweeping.
You perked up at the sound, not used to rhythm he was singing too. You recognized some of the basic words, but nothing besides that, at least the tune was familiar. Maybe you’d recognize it off that, you mused internally as you went back to washing the dishes.
“Una devoción es que penso de. No recibires eso de otros hombres,” he continued, his singing getting louder as he skipped down the hallway and burst into the kitchen. He set the broom against the wall and jumped onto the dining table, lying down on it.
“Antonio? What are y
:icontheonewiththeideas:TheOneWithTheIdeas 51 9
Special Occasion (Husband!France x Tomboy!Reader)
At first it felt strange walking out the front door with Francis in your tailored three-piece suit.  He had invited you to attend a benefit that his company was holding that night, and you couldn't find it in your heart to say no. You weren't really a fan of wearing dresses nor skirts, so when your significant other had asked you to dress formally a few weeks ago, you naturally felt a bit overwhelmed. But, wonderful lover that he was, he made sure to take care of that right away.
◅ + ♢ ◅ + ♢ ◅ + ♢ ◅ +
"What'se matter, ma chère? You don't want to go?"
"No, I just don't feel comfortable wearing dresses... It doesn't feel like me."
He laughed knowingly, "So I've noticed."
"I must sound like a kid... I guess I can suck it up for one night."
Francis' eyebrows furrowed together and he 'tsk tsk tsk'ed you disapprovingly. "No, no. Zhere will be no 'sucking up'."
"Then what do you suggest I wear?"
He s
:iconfrapunella:Frapunella 47 4



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Im just me and if you dont like me deal with it.
  I've been here for two years now? Almost three. That's some messed up shit.  I've been looking through my profile and some of the things I've posted and its mostly been me shaking my head in embarrassment. 

  I wish I had the heart to go through and delete everything but, I'm not going to. I like looking back on it because then I can remember what i was feeling and doing when I was writing that stuff.  And even now when I'm still writing I like looking back on all of that.

  And I've realized that all I do is ramble when I write these.

  But still, thank you to all of you beautiful people that put up with me back then and even now when I've pretty much abandoned this website. 

  Anyways, thanks everyone. I might post something every now and again. 

  We'll see. 

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